A New Year of…

We’re already on our way with 2014!

Many people have probably already starting breaking resolutions or abandoning them all together. I, on the other hand, took some time to try and figure out exactly what I wanted from this year. I feel like 30 years have taught me that resolutions aren’t really for me.

I prefer to think in terms of goals. Of course, the only goals that are worthwhile are ones you’ll work to achieve, so I have come up with…

So what is “more,” you ask?

“More” refers to the areas of my life that I want to focus more on. More specifically…


Be More Active is just what it says. I have focused on “working out” and “getting fit” for years, but I want to focus on living a more active life instead of thinking about the outcome so much. I want to focus on moving more and enjoying the activities I do.

Spend More Time with the People I Care About is also pretty straight forward. I live far away from most of my friends and family, plus I can work some pretty crazy hours. So for me, making more time and more plans with those loved ones is a truly worthwhile endeavor.

Finally, Do More of the Things that Make Me Happy includes all of the hobbies and activities (reading, arts and crafts, exploring places, blogging and cooking – to name a few) that I enjoy, but may not do as much due to all the other things in life that tend to get in the way.

Perhaps some of the things I’ll be working on this year are also things you’re working on, so I’ll be sharing what I learn this year with you.

Share your 2014 goals below in the comments!

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