A Special Shout-out on National Love Your Pet Day

Today is officially (or unofficially depending on who you talk to) National Love Your Pet Day.

And what better thing is there to do, but tell you just why I love my two little furry-faced friends.

We’ll go by seniority here, since that sounds fair. So, first is my sassy girl, Elektra (named after the comic book character, not the “celebrity”).

I love her for how she’s stuck with me for the last six years, through good times and bad, heartache (mine), illness (both of ours) and more moves than I can actually count (including the big one from Massachusetts).

Mostly though, I love her for her sassy attitude, which includes a mastery of the b*tch face…


But despite the attitude, I love how she surprises me with an equal, if not greater amount of cuddle-monster love…


And how she continues to have moments where she allows me to do whatever I want to her…


Which are usually followed by the familiar b*tch face and possibly a cat-paw-slap. Nothing but love for her.

My other fuzzy baby is a newer love, but she completely captured my heart almost immediately. Jasmine, or “Jaz” as we affectionately call her, has that pure “I’ll love you forever” devotion and open, loving face that you just can’t help but fall for…


And I love and admire her positive attitude and ability to just go, and go, and go, until she can’t go anymore (a rare moment)…

photo[1](and how she slightly resembles a baby cow with her spotted belly – random.)

Plus, it’s impossible not to love her love for the simplest of things, whether it’s a dog bone she’s carefully chewed into a little shiv (possibly for future scare tactics against the cat), or a stick that she’ll love for a mile walk and then carelessly abandon as soon as she spots an interesting bush…


They’re my family and add so much to my life, I can’t imagine my world without them.

And when they actually sit still near each other and are peaceful…


Well, that’s just a wonderful miracle.

Wishing you and your pets a happy day today and always!

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      Thank you! She’d probably agree with you. 🙂

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