Strawberry & Champagne Salad Fit for a Festival

Strawberry Champagne Salad Recipe

There’s nothing quite like champagne to celebrate.


And what better pairing to champagne is there than strawberries?


That is why I figured that this dish was pretty much destined to kick-off the Florida Strawberry Festival.

Plus, I have been absolutely desperate to use these little beauties…


Thus, the creation of my Strawberry Salad with Basil Champagne Dressing.


Not only is it a beautiful dish, but it’s a complete breeze to throw together!

I think I whizzed through the prep of this salad in about 10 minutes. You don’t even need to really break out measuring devices, you can just eyeball the ingredient measurements.

Never abandoned the measuring devices? Here is your chance!


For the Salad

  • Few handfuls of baby spinach (cleaned)
  • Several fresh ripened strawberries (cleaned & sliced)
  • Clump of chevre (goat cheese)
  • Handful of glazed almonds, chopped (I used these)

For the Dressing

  • 1 part (1/4 cup) champagne vinegar
  • 2 parts (1/2 cup) water
  • Splash (2 tbsp) of water
  • Two Squeezes (2 tbsp) dijon mustard
  • Healthy pour (3-4 tbsp) honey
  • Big pinch (1 tsp) of dried basil
  • Pinch of salt & pepper


Combine all the salad ingredients together in a bowl or on a dish. You can pretty much use your personal preference of flavors and size to determine how big or small you want to make the salad.


For the dressing, just toss all the ingredients into a mason jar (or cup with a lid), cover, and shake until all the ingredients blend. The honey and mustard help hold the vinegar and oil together so that it’s nice and smooth when it’s combined.


Then, just pour a generous bit on your naked salad, toss and enjoy!


The champagne vinegar adds this pop of almost bubbly light to the dressing that really brings all the flavors of this salad together.

You may find it hard to not devour it in one breath, but it is truly a salad to be savored.


I made this for a meal all by itself, but it would be delicious before a light entree or even paired with some chicken or fish.


You may even go back after your meal for this as dessert!

No judgement here.

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