Friday… Al Fresco

Sometimes, after a long week of work when you’ve had more meetings than you can count, and traveled more miles than you want to count, Fridays can prove to be… just a bit of a challenge.

So, in the morning you do your best to stay upbeat and don the new boots you just had delivered – it doesn’t matter that it’s not technically “boot weather” outside.


The morning stop at Starbucks even includes a crispy-coated, warmed buttery pastry, sure to add a couple extra miles to your run tomorrow, but who cares today.

You make it through the morning feeling slightly feeling “crispy” around the edges, with the overall feeling that you’re not completely awake still.

Then, something miraculous happens. Every so often conditions (including a canceled meeting, perfect weather, and a desire just to get out) occur and  others around you see the same opportunity and propose lunch out of the office. To which you of course say yes, especially since 75% of your other coworkers are out of the office on holidays).

What follows is a rare, but truly splendid lunch on a stone patio of one of the best cafes in driving distance (Cafe Ponte in this case).

You don’t worry about being modest and you even indulge in an afternoon “adult beverage.”

photo(An acai lemon sorbet martini.)

Which you sip as a soft breeze rustles the palm fronds above your head to make you feel like you’re actually on a beach somewhere.

You don’t rush the menu, but rather slowly weigh the pros and cons of every dish, asking your fellow dining buddies what things they’ve had and how you can customize each dish.

Your order comes out looking like something straight out of a food porn diary.

photo[1](The spicy ahi tuna burger with pea tendrils, avocado, siracha sauce, pickled cucumbers, on a brioche bun.)

Accompanied, by a generous side of fried goodies as well… of course.

photo[3](Garlic rosemary fries.)

You admire the beautiful plate in front of you for a good five minutes, remembering the frozen vegetables that were originally your plan for lunch that day, and send up a prayer of thank you o be where you are.


Then you dig in and devour… ALL of it.

As you finish your al fresco luncheon, laughing with the ladies who are just as delighted by the day’s turn of events as you are, you realize that every day, even Fridays can surprise you.

And for the first time all day, you are so happy it is Friday.

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