Kristi’s Key Lime Cookies

Kristis Cookies

Some deliveries are especially sweet.

Opening an unassumingly average box and pulling out a special package of delectable bites? Best ever.


Isn’t having talented friends wonderful?

When my former coworker, Kim, asked if I would want to sample some of her cookie creations, I remembered the mouthwatering baked goods that used to grace our office kitchen (quickly of course, as they always disappeared in a blink), and quickly said, “of course!”

I had some sweet memories of her key lime cookies (she used to make some amazing pound cakes as well), but memories never taste quite as blissful as the real thing.


It didn’t take me too long to unpackage these little beauties, which I stared at longingly while I brewed up a pot of green mint tea.

Okay,Β  I couldn’t control myself for long clearly…


The cookies themselves are wonderful vanilla cake cookie bottoms that are so soft, and are then paired with a sweet confection of key lime topping, not excessively sugary and with just a kiss of tangy goodness. You bite into these soft little pillows and can’t help a smile spreading across your face as the flavors mix and dissolve in your mouth.

By the time my tea was ready, I had already made my way to a second couple of cookies.


In case you were curious, these key lime cookies are Just as lovely with a hot cup of tea. Like a little taste of summer, these confections would also make great gifts or party favors!

And who knew that they have made their way into the world of television stars?


Is your mouth watering yet?

Not to fret, you can get your eager little fingers on these babies with the simple click of a mouse by visiting Kristi’s Key Lime Cookies website. Made with no preservatives, they are baked fresh to order, so you can take comfort in knowing your delivery will be just as sweet, as if you pop into one of the Florida shops the cookies are sold at.


Thank you again to Kim for the sweet treat! I very much doubt that other packages delivered to my doorstep will be quite as tasty.

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