Great Gift Websites – Blogmas Day 2

Whether you love the challenge and thrill of shopping for gifts, finding just the perfect item for a loved one, or whether you instead choose to shout rampant speeches about the holidays becoming too materialistic, there’s no doubting that gifts (homemade or purchased) are a part of the holidays.

I used to dizzy myself into a gift-buying frenzy years ago, aiming to match everyone else’s gift giving with my own.

Nowadays, I’ve mellowed into a more moderate and meaningful level of gift giving, but I still love finding great little treasures for those few peeps whom I arrange a gift exchange with.


Some of my favorite things to pickup are little bits on my travels throughout the year, but most of my gifts are collected within the last couple of months in the year from a variety of online sites I’ve found to make the whole process so much easier.

Everyone probably uses Amazing and their fast shipping for items, but I have collected a few others sites that I love to make any shopping you still, a smidgen easier.

  • MoMA Store – These modern and unique gifts are ideal for general or specific individuals on your list, as you can find some useful, beautiful and just plain quirky things on here! Plus, every purchase supports the The Museum of Modern Art, so you’re supporting the arts while shopping!
  • RIFLE PAPER Co. – Ideal for those on your gift list who love stationary, books and beautiful hand illustrations. However, the site also includes some great cards, gift wrap and more to put just the most lovely touch on any gift.
  • Luvocracy – Similar to Pinterest, but this organization site allows you to BUY directly from each “Luv’d” item you see. Add things to your cart without even leaving the site. Sneak out some people with similar tastes and shop their collections. I have a collection of Cool Gift Ideas if you need a place to start.
  • Mud Pie – Packed with gorgeous baby, home and gifty items that you might find in an upscale gift shop. I stumbled across them on my Napa trip this year and immediately tracked them down online.
  • Lush – Because everyone should pamper themselves with handmade (mostly vegan and environmentally friendly) bath and body products. If they smell like heaven, it’s just even better! Go wild.

As you flit through page after page of things to buy, remember that one of the best gifts you give for the holiday is simply your smile for loved ones. It’s as much about being and reaching out to those individuals who are important to you as it is about the “stuff” you give them. So just consider that before you jump on your online shopping cart and buy things up.

A gesture to show you’re thinking of someone this holiday season is all many people truly want. So never underestimate that!

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