12 Days of Togetherness Begins – Blogmas Day 7

Days of Togetherness

Last year the man and I tried to adopt an ambitious new holiday tradition – 24 Days of Togetherness.

What is this wildness you speak of, you ask? It is 24 holiday activities that you write on bits of paper, toss into a box and draw randomly each day leading up to Christmas to do together.


I got the idea from Tina at Carrots ‘N’ Cake and we started it with the very best of intentions…

Despite the fact we did see each other everyday, however, we didn’t really {winces}… get around to doing all of them… many of them. Okay, we only did about 6 of them to be honest.

This year, we’re going to give it a go once again, but with more realistic expectations given our even busier than normal schedules.


With no real time to indulge in grand gestures and activities, we’re opting to “think small” and aim to do some small little holiday extras. Holiday sparkle, if you will.


Here’s our list that we’re working through together over the next 12 days (in no particular order):

  • Go out for a truly indulgent cup of hot chocolate.
  • Walk around (dog in tow) and look at Christmas lights.
  • Watch an ol’ classic Christmas movie complete with popcorn.
  • Bake some holiday cookies-from-a-tube for dessert.
  • Go buy stocking stuffers for each other at CVS (no peeking!).
  • Have a TV-free, Christmas-music-only night.
  • Write out some “us” goals/priorities for 2015.
  • Have a romantic dinner at home using whatever we have in the fridge (adventure!).
  • Go out for dinner.
  • Create holiday cards for each other by hand to exchange on Christmas.
  • Pick out pictures and design our holiday cards online.
  • Wrap presents (any left) together.

I’m hopeful we can make it through most of these activities this year! N had the pleasure of drawing the first night’s activity, which he gave some serious thought to…

Range of Emotions Reaction Pondering

Before revealing our sweet task.


A dash to the market was in order, but we were disappointed that our local market was sorely lacking in the pre-mixed holiday cookie dough area. We did, however, make do with something that sounded quite yummy.


I’m not going to argue with that. And after experiencing how quickly getting these luscious bites onto a pan and into the oven was…


I realized that we may just have been missing out on these convenient little buggers!


They were a turtley great start to our 12 Days of Togetherness. On to the next!

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