Bring on the Homemade Ugly Sweater! Blogmas Day 11

Ugly Sweater DIY

So you missed your shot at purchasing a spectacularly ugly sweater for this year’s holiday party or family get-together, huh?

Well, I’ve got your solution! And if you have some spare holiday decorations tucked away, you won’t even have to buy anything for it!

We all have at least one scratchy sweater or old sweatshirt we just keep smooshed away in shelf or drawer in our closet. You’ve probably forgotten half the stuff in those bottom drawers even exists, right?

Now is the time to dig one of those beauties out and breathe new purpose into them.

I opted for a wool sweater coat I just haven’t worn in ages.


Grab some spare holiday ornaments, wrapping tags, ribbon, whatever you have. I chose the most obnoxious ornaments I could find in my Christmas tree excess – small little bells.


Now with either some thread or ornament hooks (what I opted for), simply tie/hook the ornaments on.



Feel free to choose the more willy-nilly pattern or follow something of a symmetric fashion all over the front of you sweater with the various ornaments.


Having learned the hard way, I would suggest keeping the noisy and rolling pieces out of the reach of your nosy pets, as I may have lost several to my mischievous little fur ball, who snatched them away when I wasn’t looking.



In the end, you’re left with an annoyingly loud (whether colorfully random or just outright noisy) ugly holiday sweater!


I shrugged my sweater on over another top, so that I could take it off when it go too obnoxious.


Either way, it definitely got a few chuckles!