Bought a House!

Letting yourself get lost in the holidays is always a joy and part of the fun of the season. You stop thinking about all the things you haven’t done or have to do, as you travel around visiting friends, spreading cheer, and celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another.

Add buying a house to that holiday flurry of activity and you have a whole other mish-mosh of all-consuming thoughts and tasks.

That’s right. The Mr. and I bought a house.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll already know this from our post-closing announcement photo…

We actually closed on our house while staying with N’s parents in jolly Maryland (didn’t even know that remote closings were possible before) and then rushed back to Tampa and a mountain of moving tasks with just about a week before we decided to transplant ourselves into our new purchase.

Previously, the biggest thing I’ve ever bought was a brand new car, but buying a house really doesn’t compare. Our entire process surprisingly took just over two months, from the start of our search to signing the HUGE pile of papers and picking up our keys.

Stepping across that threshold though…


Nothing like it. It’s overwhelming and exciting and nerve-wracking and thrilling, all at the same time.

Now, up to my eyeballs in boxes, I can’t help but spend my free stolen moments day dreaming about decorating the new home. No doubt you’ll see some more decor related posts in the future as I customize the place and embrace my crafty side.

Did I mention the house is in possibly my favorite neighborhood in Tampa? I simply can’t wait to explore it and uncover all it’s charm and hidden gems.

Needless to say, all thoughts of setting other goals for the year got unceremoniously shoved to a back burner for a bit, as simply getting into and settled in the new house is pretty much an all consuming focus right now.

If you have any tips for this first time home owner, please share! I’d love to hear some tips and wisdoms for this exciting new chapter!


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