Not Your Average Valentine’s Gift Guide

Valentines Gifts for Her

Forget winter white, Valentine’s red is everywhere!

My personal favorite way to enjoy Valentine’s red is usually something in a lovely wine glass, preferably exuding scents of raspberry and chocolate.

However, despite the ridiculous Valentine’s DayΒ buildup, the gesture of recognizing those amazing people who add some sparkle to my life, is something I definitely support.

Thus, the Not-Your-Average Valentine’s Gift Guide.

You won’t see lots of red, pink or flying cherubs. But there are some bits and bobs for almost everyone you might want to honor (and maybe a bobble for yourself too!).

Ideas for the lovely lady/mother/friend in your life:ForHer_VDay_2015

  1. A piece of awesomely inspirational art (with attitude)
  2. A truly truthful t-shirt
  3. Some luxurious Bubble Bath by Lollia
  4. Delightful scents in the form of a Diptyque candle
  5. A MustHave Box subscription* for the gift that keeps on giving (*referral link)
  6. Glam-tastic Charlotte Tilbury makeup


Ideas for the special guy/father/friend in your life:


  1. A cool sport or icon poster
  2. A sweet-music-maker in the form of a personalized guitar pick
  3. The truly super laptop decal
  4. Royal Shave treatment from Art of Shave
  5. The stylish and slick watch
  6. Monthly shipments of bacon

So what are you waiting for? Share the sparkle and show some love this month!

Share your not-your-average ideas below as well! We can compare notes.