Easter Sunday Funday

Easter Goodies

There’s no better time to really bask in the celebration of renewal and spring than Easter. Especially when you’ve got some folks to entertain!


Proud to host Easter lunch in the digs, we invited my parents over for an afternoon of food, drinks and plain old chit chat.

Seeing as it was such a lovely day, the man and I went for an early run before getting all dolled up in our Sunday best.


These new spring lovelies even got popped on for about an hour before tucking them away and slipping into some cozy slippers.


Seeing as most of our family lives a decent plane ride away, we opted to wait to dig into our Easter baskets boxes, for Sunday morning.


So feeling like kids again, we ripped them open and dug out a pile of sweets, treats and fun little goodies.


It was quite an impressive little haul! And some of us just couldn’t resist a little nibble of some seasonal faves…


And even Jaz got too excited to pass up the chance to try out her new toy!


The holiday sugar now flowing in our veins, we got cracking on the last bits of preparation before my parents arrived. The glasses and bar cart were setup.


The last decorations were set out.


The cake was frosted and decorated (the utensils and bowl licked clean, of course).



The spicy deviled eggs were set out (and maybe sampled – just to make sure they were okay)…


And the oven baked delights were removed, piping hot from the oven, just in time for my parents to show up.

OutoftheOven2We wasted no time catching up and settling in with a refreshing little cocktail! My love of champagne cocktails is no secret, but a relatively new discovering of elderflower liquor led me to experiment a bit with a new mixture of champagne, St. Germaine and TJ’s mango nectar juice.


Oh my, it was a hopping success!

It wasn’t long before we dove into the appetizers. The pastry-wrapped, berry-topped baked brie was a quick hit by all. And who could resist all the ooey-gooey goodness?



We got lost in conversations about gardening (seeing as we have so much to do with ours at the house) and upcoming adventures, which is really the best part about holiday get-togethers, isn’t it? When we finally sat down, it was already mid-afternoon, the appetizers had long since disappeared and we were onto our second bottle of champagne.


My mom has a classic recipe for shrimp-stuffed baked shrimp, that are amazing and I absolutely must steal from her!


Once the cake was sliced, devoured and our plates were licked clean, it was just about time for us all to say good day. We sampled some last bits of Easter candy, picked from the overflowing bowl of treats, and then wished each a last “Happy Easter!”

I love weekends that end with a few hours of doing absolutely nothing, and since we’d cleaned, shopped, and cooked all weekend we were absolutely exhausted.


Shoes off, feet up (ice pack on for me, due to a minor sprain) and a travel show on, we spent our evening just vegging, catching the last few rays of sunshine as it slipped out of sight. Even the cat crawled out of her comfy corner to snuggle up after catching the last bit of sun.



Hoping you had just as nice of a spring day to start your week off!


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