Sunday Night Pampering & Skincare

I feel as though Sundays have gotten a bit of a bad rep in recent years. People dreading Sundays for the very simple reason they sit snugly beside Monday. That’s no reason to hate, that is just craziness.

I personally love Sundays for some inexplicable reason I’ve never been quite able to put into words. Perhaps it’s because it is the last day of the proper weekend that makes me appreciate it all the more. Or maybe, it is because it’s traditionally been known as a day of rest, which I can always get on board with. For whatever the reason, I do love Sundays, and I believe they are whatever you make them.

Which is probably why I am such a stickler for my Sunday evening rituals.

Sure, Sunday night is “school night,” meaning you have to be in bed at a reasonable hour. That is no reason not to enjoy that evening above all others! Pamper yourself and indulge in a bit of “me time,” however you can.


You don’t even need a whole night. I have a calming and luxurious little schedule that can be experienced in an hour or even less (though why you’d want to make it less, I can not imagine).

First, you need to set… the mood. (I picture Sebastian from The Little Mermaid every time I say or think that.)


Queue up some soft acoustic tunes, classical, or even classic rock – whatever mellows you out – on the ol’ phone or radio, I sometimes even opt for a record. Light a relaxing scented candle and dim the lights so you can see the candlelight flicker.

Now, the fun part. Time to get your bath going.


I know not everyone is a fan of soaking in a bath, but if you haven’t set your mind determinately against it, I urge you to try it again. Like Chandler in Friends, you might just become a convert!

Grab your scented oils, Epsom salts or bubbling and fizzing Lush products, and pop those babies in a fully tub of warm/hot water. Close your bathroom door and allow those steaming vapors to fill up the room.

Now, strip down and hop on in.

That first moment, when you feel the slight weightless feeling of your body in water is my absolute favorite. It’s a moment to be savored.

Sometimes, I’ll bring a favorite book with me.


Reading propped up, as the aches and stress of the previous week melt away is always lovely.

Other times, I need just a little extra help relaxing and that is win I bring in the glass of wine. Nothing cold, but a rich, velvety red wine is a perfect pairing with a cozy bath.


Snooze, soak and enjoy until the body pains and muscle tension evaporate, and all the bubbles are gone. Maybe that’s 15 minutes, maybe it’s 45. Whatever floats your boat.

Once you’re out and dried off, slather on a heavy body cream to rehydrate your skin. Warm/hot water can actually remove moisture from your skin, so you want to get it back on there ASAP.

Now, it’s time for your facial skincare routine. My recent evening skincare regimen…


Cleanse & Soothe:

  1. Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil
  2. Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes
  3. S.W. Basics Toner
  4. Lorache Posay Effeclair Duo


Enrich & Moisturize:

  1. SK-II Facial Essence
  2. Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Sleeping Facial 
  3. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer
  4. Jurlique Eye Cream

By the end, my skin is feeling thoroughly pampered and I’m feeling about two steps away from snuggling up for the night in a pile of blankets and drifting off for a good sleep.

A hot mug of Sleepytime tea usually puts me right over the edge into bliss.

How can a night like this not make you love Sundays?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Pampering & Skincare

  1. Nichole C

    For me a lot of the time, Sundays are spent cleaning, meal prepping and getting ish done for the coming week…but lately I have tried to add some more FUN to my Sunday Fundays…I do love a good bath tho!


    1. Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle

      I totally understand! It’s easy to get caught up in the to-dos, but a nice little Sunday splash really gets the week started on the right foot. 🙂


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