Lucile’s Creole Cafe, Denver, CO

Creole in Denver

So where does someone who lives by the palm tree lined seashores escape to for a vacation? Why to the mountains of course!

The Mr. and I took a spring gamble (when the weather can be quite unpredictable) and hopped on a plane to Denver, Colorado. Our gamble paid off, because it was simply beautiful when we awoke on our first morning. It was spring perfection.


Wrapped in my furry Zara poncho (which I’ve determined is the best cool weather companion – it’s sleeveless after all!), we traipsed out of the house and down the picturesque Denver streets. We stayed with friends who call the Wash Park neighborhood home, and it has become one of my favorite spots in the city now!


Flower burst into bloom from almost every place you looked, on the ground, in the trees, from tucked away corners and even through cracks in fences.


Nick tapped into his memories from his own years of living in Denver, to pick a spot for breakfast. And boy, oh boy, did he pick well.

As soon as we walked up to Lucile’s Creole Cafe and I spotted the raised fire pit on their front patio, filled with merrily dancing flames, I knew I was going to like this place.


After pulling me reluctantly away from my cozy fire, we walked inside…


And were immediately transported back down south to the cafes of New Orleans. Beads hanging from almost ever wall decoration and point, decorated ceilings, face masks grinning out at you from unexpected places and the most amazing smells greet you when you enter.



But unlike some places that are all show, you won’t be paying attention to the decorations for long, because the food is truly the main show (as it should be).

Before even looking at the menu, we glanced around the room and spotted hand-sized fluffy biscuits sitting in various states across the place. So of course, bellies rumbling, we ordered one along with the famous beignets and coffees.



Ah, the breakfast of champions.



Served hot and absolutely buried beneath a mountain of powdered sugar, the beignets almost melted in our mouths, but surprisingly it was the biscuit that captured my heart.


Served up with your choice of strawberry jam or orange marmalade, it’s the dreamiest biscuit I’ve ever had.

With the pangs of hunger subsiding a bit (we were two hours ahead after all), we got down to business and popped open the menu to make our selections. It turns out, if we’d read the menu sooner, we would have realized that the biscuits actually come as a side to many of the breakfast dishes. Oops.

We sat picking at our scrumptious starters until main dishes arrived…

Oysters Benedict for him.


Eggs Sardou for me.


I didn’t even know I liked creamed spinach before this, though I think the amazingly flavorful potatoes and lemony hollandaise sauce could probably make anything taste dreamy.

With big smiles on our face, we left Lucile’s dubbing it our new favorite breakfast spot ever.


Now if that title doesn’t make you want to stop by, I don’t know what will.

Take a look at all their locations (all in Colorado) and the menus for each. I did notice that their online menus don’t include their full location menu (at least for Denver), but you can get a good sense of what to expect. Just be sure to go there early on the weekends when you can plan on a 30-60 minute wait for a table. You can order the food to-go though!

3 thoughts on “Lucile’s Creole Cafe, Denver, CO

  1. Crystal H

    Oh that looks yummy!! I have heard that there is great food in Denver, but SO cold.


    1. Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle

      It wasn’t really that cold while we were there, but it did snow like the week after we left. Ha! It’s a really fun city to visit though.


  2. Beth Blacker

    Love the fur poncho but glad you warmed up inside with what looked like a fabulous meal. Thanks for sharing via #FridayShareFest. I am bookmarking this restaurant for the next time I’m in Denver!


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