Naples Weekend Getaway

tropical getaway to Naples

While trips far and away are always exciting for much needed adventure, it’s sometimes the short getaways closer to home that serve as excellent rechargers.

Living just a little over two hours away from beautiful Naples, Florida (and having lived there for a few years in the past) makes it one of my favorite Florida getaway destinations, especially since my beloved godmother works/lives there for a chunk of each year (commuting to and from San Francisco sometimes!).

N, my mom, stepdad and I all embarked on our now annual trip to Naples recently and stayed at the stunning The Ritz-Carlton, Naples Beach Resort. It’s a one-stop kind of resort that features everything you’d need right on property. You quite literally could hold up all weekend on the property and never actually have to leave, except to meander down the soft sand beaches.

Bloody Mary Bar[Bloody Mary bar next to the brunch station? Yes, please!]

[Adult only pool complete with towel service? Got that.]

That’s pretty much what we did, with the exception of a grand total of three outings:

  1. Naples Botanical Garden – Named “Gardens with Latitude” to explain the five main themed gardens and native preserve they maintain which include plants native to various destinations within a subtropical band of latitude around the world. Still one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen. Currently they have an exhibit called “Unearthed Dinosaurs in the Garden” that was we all surprisingly fascinated by (see the video for details)!
  2. Tommy Bahama Restaurant – Tropical themed restaurant in historic Old Naples that has indoor and outdoor seating, and boasts some amazing sangria and consistently delicious food. Forget it’s a tourist trap, this is still one of my favorite restaurants in Naples.
  3. Ridgeway Bar & Grill – Relaxed atmosphere and approachable menu that is more on the reasonable side of Naples restaurant prices. Brunch is my favorite meal they do and their non-alcoholic blueberry Mojitos are a secret item worth asking for.

Here’s a little video recap of our getaway!

The key to truly getting the most out of this particular destination in my opinion? Wait until the heavy tourism season (Nov-April) is over.

Many hotels in this area drop in occupancy in the shoulder and off-season months, meaning better prices on rooms. And trust me, you need to save money where you can when visiting Naples, because other costs are higher (food, drink, gas, etc.) than other Florida spots.

Garden Statues

There’s something really soothing about visiting the perfectly landscaped roadways (fancier than some people’s yards), big ocean-front estates, picturesque downtown, and white sand beaches that melt away into turquoise waters. It’s almost like you’re experiencing a place you read about, or saw in a movie. Any outsider is always blown away with just how pretty it is.

Granted, having lived there, I much prefer to keep it in my “Just to Visit” category of places, but for downtime it’s still high in that category.

Sometimes, it’s just the magic of getting away, lounging by a pool or beach, and having a fancy little cocktail in your hand though.

Where are you getting away to this summer?

4 thoughts on “Naples Weekend Getaway

  1. Nichole C

    I am sad to say I have never been to Naples – looks like I am missing out! I love a good Bloody Mary Bar!


    1. Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle

      They have some great museums and attractions that are great for families now, too! If you ever go, just hit me up and I’ll share tips. 🙂


  2. Samantha Faloon

    Great post! Looks like a lovely place to visit


    1. Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle

      Thanks! If you can ever get down there, it’s worth spending a couple days.


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