Time Flies with JORD Wooden Watches

JORD Watch

I love a good timepiece. Watches, however, like books, to me are best in their most original and classical versions though.

Digital? Electronic? Stop it. That’s just blaspheme.

As much of a gadget and technology geek-ette as I claim to be, I simply won’t budge when it comes to my wrist-wear. I demand classic, two-handed (minimum) watches made with classic design and timeless style.

Which is why I was extremely intrigued when a friendly little lady from JORD reached out to me with an offer to try one of their hand-crafted, wooden watches.

Wooden watches, you say?

JORD Watch Box - A Dash of Sparkle

I was instantly curious and perused a bit about the company, owned and operated by a couple of native St. Louis brothers, who adopted their company name from the Swedish word meaning “earth, soil, or land.”

JORD Wood Watch - A Dash of Sparkle

Once you see their distinctive style, the name makes much more sense, as the designs are rooted in something classic and grand, like an old Maple tree (one of the many woods they use from all over the world, to craft these little beauties), but with a distinctly hip edge that makes them as much of a conversation piece as a useful accessory.

After careful consideration, I opted to test drive the Fieldcrest women’s watch.

JORD Unboxing - A Dash of Sparkle

When it arrived on my doorstop, encased in a matching carved, maple box (that now adorns a shelf in my living room), I just couldn’t wait to take it for a spin.

Walking - A Dash of Sparkle

The pale maple wood promises a neutral detail to match just about anything, and the size is ideal.

It’s almost lighter than air weight was surprising, and it’s by far my most comfortable watch, but it’s also become one of my most versatile accessories.

Watching - A Dash of Sparkle

Watch - JORD - A Dash of Sparkle

Though it’s not a sport watch and isn’t the type of timepiece you test submersion on, I can even note that it has held up to the almost relentless summer rains here in muggy Florida.

Bench Stop - A Dash of Sparkle

And just to show how complimentary the JORD watch was, I dressed it up for a little date night with N downtown during a rare break from the almost constant downpours.

Just keep smiling - A Dash of Sparkle(Dress – Francesca’s)

Between rain showers, of course, in a lacy little number that was just perfect for a hot summer night.

Street Crossing - A Dash of SparkleThough I’m the type to make more of a statement with my shoes…

Over Shoulder Glance - A Dash of Sparkle

Summer Shoes - A Dash of Sparkle(^ Shoes – Chinese Laundry)

It has been this unique watch that has received the most comments lately.

Watch - JORD - A Dash of Sparkle

For those with some flashier preferences, JORD does have some pretty colorful and dynamic watch faces that really set them apart from their stiff competition. I guess that’s the wooden watch business for ya!

Feel free to take a little meander through the full range of men’s and women’s watch styles that JORD offers.

You wooden want to miss out!

Wood Wrist Watch


*Thanks again to the lovely folks at JORD for providing this watch to me to review.

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