Lessons of a Home Owner – 1 Year Anniversary

Up until recently, I’ve identified as a “renter” without even thinking. Renting apartments year after year, moving what seemed like constantly, never seeing one place (besides perhaps my parents’ house) as “home.” It wasn’t until halfway through 2015 that I realized I wasn’t a renter anymore.

Now a year after we signed the our names on what seemed like a hundred papers and officially moved into our house, I finally recognize myself as a “home-owner.”

WelcomeMatPerhaps I had some preconceived notions of what that title meant at one point, but one year has taught me a few things.

  1. It’s all on you – There’s no landlord, no on-call handyman, it’s just you to fix.
  2. YouTube is your best friend – Unless you are miraculously endowed with the wisdom of a seasoned handyman, you’ve got a lot to learn, and YouTube becomes your go-to encyclopedia.
  3. Your project list will never end – It’s not just a to-do list, but all the improvements and redesigns that you want get done and never gets shorter. Planning_To-Do List
  4. Security takes on new importance – Entrance gates just don’t cut it, and you find yourself wanting to attach cameras on every corner of your house.
  5. It feels so good to come home – Whether after a long trip or a long day, coming home takes on a whole new feeling.

It’s that last lesson that has surprised me the most. I haven’t painted a single wall, haven’t remodeled any rooms, but I’ve made my house into a home.

Every meal hosted…


Every decoration hung…


It all takes on more meaning and has me saying, “it is so good to be home.”

After just one year as a homeowner, no doubt there will be many more lessons. With loads of projects and to-do’s to check off the list this year, there’s also a pile of new skills I will need to learn!

YouTube, here I come.

Happy one year anniversary home sweet home!

2 thoughts on “Lessons of a Home Owner – 1 Year Anniversary

  1. Amanda Elizabeth

    Congratulations! I definitely can’t wait till that day comes for us!

    1. Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle

      Thank you! And you learn all sorts of unexpected things as a home owner, it’s an ongoing journey. 🙂

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