ADOS Wedding Planning: Caterer Tasting

Wedding Tasting

I’m excited to introduce A Dash of Sparkle’s new series around my wedding planning that I’ll be bringing you! Let me know what aspects of the process you’re interested in hearing about most.

Many people hear you’re engaged and immediately get excited, inquiring when the “Big Day” is, grinning mischievously and exclaiming it’s going to be “the best day of your life.” Usually, however, when they inquire about the wedding planning, they give a pained and pitying look accompanied by a sharp intake of breath followed by, “Oh, how’s THAT going? Are you super stressed yet?”

Wedding planning includes stress, that’s a given, but it also includes some ridiculously fun aspects. The soon to be Mr. and I partook in our favorite planning item so far recently – the catering menu tasting.

No one wants to negotiate costs with a caterer, but once you get past that, you get to the good stuff; the beautiful and the mouthwatering stuff, to be exact.

It was an event that required no accompaniment by my wedding planner, but rather a perfect afternoon date for N and I. The fact it was at a beer distributor’s hospitality suite? Icing on the already delicious cake.

Sip and taste

Our caterer, Puff ‘n Stuff, came with rave reviewers from a coworker who used them for his Scottish-themed wedding. (Turns out we’re having our reception at the same place he did! Small little wedding world.)

The whole experience, from the first beer to the last bite of tender short rib, was a delight that left both of us buzzing happily. Since it was the first real planning experience that we teamed up on, we raced home to chat about everything we liked, loved and couldn’t wait for.

Luckily, we podcasted it for yah! Just in case you’re curious. Hear about the whole experience including the full wedding menu and our thoughts on the various items we tasted (just click the image below).

BurchPartyofTwo Podcast - Episode 1

I’ll just say this. Our caterer is as skilled in the creativity department as they are at whipping up dreamy flavors.

A couple of the items that we talk about in the podcast…

Cigar Cuban Rolls

The “Cuban Cigar” Spring Rolls.

Bacon Tots

The Bacon Tots.

Ohhhhh, just looking at these brings it all back. [Sigh]

Our inaugural podcast, “Burch Party of Two”, is the first of what we hope to be more! Wedding planning highlights, lessons and some other local stops in our travels.

Check it out and let me know if there’s anything in particular that you’re curious about in an upcoming podcast!

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