Thank You Cards – To Send or Not to Send?

Following the onslaught of giving and receiving things during the holidays season, saying thank you may be an easy thing to miss as you recover from your post-holiday-hangover. It might be hazy to even remember who gave you which gifts.

As you rub your head trying to remember, did I get the chance to say “thanks” to so-and-so, you may start wondering if a belated thank you is even still relevant.

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Let’s just be honest on this point, there may be a specific timeframe on when societal etiquette says it’s polite to send a a thank you card (especially as it pertains to various events like interviews or weddings), but as a regular human being, I appreciate a thank you almost any ol’ time.

With that said, we’ve probably all taken down the majority of our holiday decorations at this point, perhaps with the exception of that one strand of lights or a wreath that you just can’t bring yourself to pack away just yet, so is there still time to send a thank you note?

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Of course!

Many of us reminisce about the previous holiday season well into January. I’m still trying to find spots for some of the gifts I was given! So almost a month after the fact, you should feel that it is still completely appropriate to send a nice little thank you to whomever you feel deserves that little nod of gratitude.

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So what would really requires or deserves a thank you?

Whatever you like. However, some basic rules of polite behavior suggest sending a special note to anyone that fits into any of the following scenarios:

  • That person/s went out of their way for you (i.e. they hosted you for an overnighter after the holiday party or gave you a ride home from that one celebration that you didn’t feel like Uber-ing it back from).
  • They mailed you a gift and you haven’t had the chance to thank them in person.
  • You left a party they were hosting without getting a chance to say goodbye (for whatever reason).
  • Someone that you don’t typically exchange gifts with gift you with something customized or personalized.
  • And anyone else you just want to say “thanks” to again!

The rules are really quite bendy, as they apply differently to various social circles. Your older family members? They definitely want to see some thank you cards? Your friends who threw that block party for New Years? Meh. You brought them a case of craft beer, which very well might have done the trick. It’s your call.

I was personally delighted when one of besties who lives far away, sent me a text AND a handwritten thank you note for a Christmas gift I had sent to her family. I was so touched she took the time.

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This week, I’m drafting my thank you’s specifically to those who hosted us on a recent visit up north, as I appreciate how kind it was for them to take us in versus sending us to the nearest hotel during the holiday.

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My biggest tip would be not to get too caught up in trying to match the size of the thank you to the size of the gift or experience you were given, but rather just to send a heartfeltm “It was such a wonderful gift that we’ll enjoy so much!” or “You were so kind to have us to stay at your beautiful home, especially during the busy holiday season!”

Just remember that giving thanks is meant to be a further way to share happiness and gratitude. A simple hand-written note is like a warm hug amidst a pile of junk mail. Don’t underestimate it.

If you’re now inspired to send thank you notes, but don’t have any hand, you can swing my almost any convenience store for something, but my favorite stationary is by Rifle Paper & Co. They have the cutest illustrations and designs!

Of course, I think I picked up my last batch at Target, so whichever way you want to go – you can even get crafty and create your own.

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It’s always nice to hear a little thank you, don’t you think?