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They say a nice smile can brighten a room.

It can certainly brighten a person’s day.

Just how bright my smile is, came into question when I was approached by a teeth whitening company, Smile Brilliant, about trying their whitening system. Though it’s not something I worry about for every day, my rapidly approaching wedding, made me more seriously consider…

Was I due for a bit of smile voltage upgrade?

Now, I’m notoriously afraid of “teeth issues,” likely due to the years of orthodontistry I faced as a child with naturally wide spaced and crooked top teeth. While not a serious affliction, I endured spacers, metal built-in retainers, braces and more retainers. It wasn’t always a smooth road either. Thus, my fears when it comes to anything involving my teeth.

Thankfully, the folks at Smile Brilliant were, well, brilliant on selling me on how they’re system was different. After a casual chat on the phone about their product and my teeth sensitivity (and fears), they convinced me that I was the one in control. I could use as recommended or tweak it to better fit my needs.

A week after saying, “Let’s give it a go!” a package arrived on my doorstep.
Tray Creation Kit - ADOS

(The folks at Smile Brilliant were kind enough to send me a kit for N to try it as well, to ensure we could both have spectacular pearly whites for all those wedding snaps.)

I wasted no time diving in to examine the contents of my tray creation kit.

Smile Brilliant - ADOS

The Kit - ADOS

The bulk of the kit is dedicated to creating your custom whitening trays, which will hold your gels.

I bite into that process a bit further on my video review, if you’d like to get a bit more of a visual on that process below.

My company contact had urged me to create my mold for the trays and drop it in the mail straight away, so that the two week period to create them would leave me plenty of time to try out the whitening.

It’s a genius little process really. And they even provide step by step instructions for all us teeth mold novices…

Instruction Guide - ADOS

You make the molds by mixing the two colored pots of paste, pressing them into the provided mold trays, make teeth imprints, let harden overnight, and then you ship the molds to their lab in the convenient return envelope they provide!

Tray Steps - ADOS

Return Card - ADOS


Your trays return to you packaged in a small black case, completely customized to fit to your teeth. I was surprised my just how well mine came out (no practice!).

The real star power of this system, however, are the gels.

The Gels - ADOS

Here’s where Smile Brilliant really shines, as they explained the reasoning behind the Desensitizing Gel.

The Whitening Gel is the real deal, with plenty of professional-grade whitening oomph built right in, but just like other teeth whitening systems, the very process of whitening dehydrates your teeth. It is your teeth being so dehydrated after coming in contact with whitening products, that causes that pain people (especially us sensitive folks) feel afterwards. (Who knew! I didn’t.)

The Desensitizing Gel is meant to be the rescue! Use before or after using the Whitening Gel, or before and after, and it helps to ease the dehydrating effects of the Whitening Gel.

It was for this reason that I wanted to try Smile Brilliant in the first place.

I jumped on in with gusto shortly after receiving my trays, starting with small evening doses of the Whitening Gel, immediately followed by the Desensitizing Gel. Things seemed to be going just fine, despite it being a challenge to squeeze into my evening routine.

Day four came around and the tooth aches had started though. I immediately scaled back my usage, but still wasn’t comfortable by the aching I still experienced.

My friendly company rep told me to try to use the Desensitizing Gel before AND after whitening.

Sadly, my gums didn’t appreciate the extra” tray time” and I again had to take a break.

I had a cleaning with my dentist scheduled around the holidays, so I asked her to take a look at my teeth for any signs that I shouldn’t continue with the whitening system. She quickly gave me the all clear after cleaning my teeth, so I pondered my options. With so many sweets, red cups filled with holiday coffees, and a variety of other naughty habits, I waiting until after the holidays to simply try my own way.

I gave it two and a half weeks and though, not hugely evident in my limited morning light photos, it seemed I finally found my teeth whitening system.

Turns out, I had more time in the mornings while getting ready for the day to do a 20-minute Whitening Gel session, followed by a 15-20 minute Desensitizing Gel dose. I did this every other day for 2.5 weeks and suddenly saw my smile come to life.

Before-After - ADOS

Honestly, my teeth weren’t too discolored to start with, and my poor lighting conditions, scquidged up against the sliding doors in the only day light I could get during the week (right before I left for work in the morning) doesn’t do it true justice. However, the dull off-white my teeth were before trying the product, were seemingly magic’d away to reveal brighter teeth all over. The yellowish tone that had been creeping down my teeth a bit at the tops began to disappear.

It was a brightness-lift.

No startling, Ross Geller style white teeth (raise your hand if you know the Friends episode I’m thinking about), but something more natural, and most importantly a still healthy smile.

After the few weeks of trying this system, I’ll most definitely be coming back a month before my wedding to do a refresher. All those snaps in white dresses definitely need a bright smile to match.

I believe they said that about three packages of the whitening gel should be used in one go, and that whitening every six months or so will keep you rocking the beautiful smile. It likely depends on how discolored your own chompers are, so feel free to chat with one of their helpful representatives (they’ll send you a chat request when you pop on their website – very social types).

Thankfully, you can order refills of the gels once you have your custom trays, so that a refill set will only run you about $55 for both the Whitening and Desensitizing Gels (3 counts of each). It’s all simply a mouse click away and then it’s delivered straight to your front door step. Not to shabby.

The fact I could customize this system and still see results, on my terms, made all the difference for me.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.35.46 PM

I love my brighter smile and am so pleased that I kept after it to find exactly how the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system could work for me and my more sensitive teeth (and apparently sensitive gums).

If you’re in the market for a whitening product, I’d vote to skip the drugstore strips that will make you cry after one use. Choose a complete system like Smile Brilliant, that allows you to customize and make this your own. Your smile, and all those your smile falls on, will thank you!

Interested? You can buy your starter kit online (currently $119.95).

Thanks again to the generous people at Smile Brilliant for providing me the product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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