Skincare Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner


Some people are blessed with beautiful skin that they can simply rinse with a bar of soap and moisturize with some basic drug-store face cream.

I have never been one of those people.

*Blessed* with sensitive skin from the get-go, I struggled for years to find what would keep my youthful, combination to oily skin, and now combination skin, clear and healthy.

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My journey has not been without it’s pitfalls, some of which caused more trouble then I was even hoping they’d cure! However, looking back, I realized that despite whatever skin issues I have in the future (it’s a constantly moving target as you get older they say – yay!), I’ve learned some pretty key lessons over the years of trial and error.

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I wish I had stumbled across my very own skin-Yoda to teach me such lessons earlier on, but alas, it was something I was apparently meant to learn.

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It does mean I can share them with you! Hopefully they’ll be helpful whether for you or any younger versions you wish to share with.

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  1. You pay for what you get. Spend the money on your skincare which is the true foundation of your beauty routine.
  2. Don’t get sold on a complete skincare line. Mix and match based on the individual products that work (very very rarely do all the products in a line work).SkincareLessons - ADOS
  3. Morning and night are two different things for your skin, so your skincare approach should be different too.
  4. Splurge on facials as frequently as you can, even if just for home treatments, but definitely for the real deal (the pros).Home Treatment - ADOS
  5. Go naked regularly. Your skin needs some R&R from the makeup and such, even if you don’t.Mixed Skincare - ADOS
  6. Opt for simple products, whose ingredients you can pronounce and are as close to nature as you are. Especially if you have sensitive skin. (This one took me ages to figure out thinking that the fancier ingredients must be more scientific and work better. WRONG.)

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We’ve all had our own adventures in beauty and skincare though, am I right? Please comment with any that you’d like to share!

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    My skin is uber sensitive, so I have to be extremely careful with what I use. I wish I knew using cold water on your face isn’t healthy. Nice post!?

    1. Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle

      Oh, that is another really great point! Us sensitive skin babes need to share tips and advice!

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