Winter Favorites – What I’m loving

Winter Favorites - ADOS

Having tried and failed [miserably] in sharing my favorite things on a monthly basis previously, I’m taking another run at providing a recap of the items I’m loving, this time on a seasonal basis.

Of course, I planned to share this ages ago, but got swept away in a winter flurry of craziness that has had me keeping long days that seeped into late nights.

So with plenty of time to try, toss or fall in love with a variety of stuff, I’ve rounded up all the goodies that made the cut for my Winter Favorites.

Feel free to watch the video if you’re feeling a bit too lazy to read on through. Heck, watch it either way by clicking below!

I touch on some of my favorite categories for “stuff” starting with Beauty

Makeup Faves - ADOS

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid LipstickToo Faced Brow Envy / Bobbi Brown Scotch on the Rocks

Then hop on over to Skincare

Skincare - ADOS

Tatcha Ritual Discover Pack / Bliss Body Butter

With a bit of the random and Miscellaneous

Furry Poncho - ADOS

Zara Furry Poncho


Noisli app


Audible app

They’re great discoveries of winter, but most are spot on things to try any ol’ season. With the trees ready to burst into spring bloom, I’ll be starting my testing of warmer weather items any day now, but am taking some of these favorites with me to the next season.

What are you currently loving?