Kicking off Music Festivals with GMF

Festival season is underway across the country. Grab your flower crowns and sunscreen folks.

We in Tampa kick off the season with the Gasparilla Music Festival.

Band stand at GMF - ADOS

The weekend-long event draws acts from across the country and spreads them out across multiple stages on the two-leveled Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa.

Downtown GMF View - ADOS

Not a bad little location, with plenty of corners and stages of all shapes and sizes. Some are more open, while others are tucked away through skinny passages…

Path to Music at GMF - ADOS

The more intimate venues giving perfect up-close access to musicians while also being great for inspiring spontaneous dancing.

Music Ampitheater at GMF - ADOS

Or just taking in the sights.

Watching Music at GMF - ADOS

Games and entertainment of all sorts are plentiful, whether you’re looking to challenge friends to a game of corn hole…

Cornhole at GMF - ADOS

Or maybe watch others hanging around…

Aerial Arts at GMF - ADOS

Complete confession though. My favorite bit isn’t actually the music, but rather the FOOD.

Pork Belly at GMF - ADOS

Mac and Cheese at GMF - ADOS

Chicken and Waffles at GMF - ADOS

Festival food has proven to be some of the most interesting and varied. GMF takes it to new levels, however, hand-selecting local restaurant all-stars who bring custom creations to “Calle Cocina.”

Calle Cocina at GMF - ADOS
Ella Folk Art Cafe at GMF - ADOS

Anise Global at GMF - ADOS

Though, the drinks really aren’t too bad either.

Titos Drinks at GMF - ADOS

Double the fun at GMF - ADOS

(I swear the double drinks was purely a happy accident from a nice bartender who just misheard my order!)

Full bellies make for some very relaxing lounging (which is why it always pays off to bring your own chair/s)…

Relaxation at GMF - ADOS

Good times at GMF - ADOS

Daydreaming at GMF - ADOS

Spending a full day immersed in good tunes, delicious bites and warm sunshine is definitely enough to have you going with the flow. Reminiscing and goofing around in front of landmarks is pretty much required.

Getting goofy at GMF - ADOS

Despite a full day, sunset arrived and it seemed the fun was only just beginning at GMF…

GMF Evening - ADOS

Sunset View at GMF - ADOS

But we were distracted with something… a bit more on the sweet side…

Donut Dessert at GMF - ADOS

Sweet Bites at GMF - ADOS

Can you blame me? Hot and freshly topped in gooey chocolate. (I think I have a new doughnut fascination.)

Like I said, the festival food is tough to beat.

Are you exploring any festivals this summer?