The 5 Reasons I Hired a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is considered the grand behemoth of events to plan. There’s a good reason they’ve invented shows, movies and a variety of colorful names around the wedding planning.

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Perhaps, most girls dream of sitting in tea shops or on a beach somewhere with their closest girlfriends, chatting about dreamy Pinterest solutions to magically laying out the whole event in a blur of cosmos and bellinis. Families will agree on everything you want, parents foot the bill and the groom just sits back in awe at the planning mastery the bride effortlessly made happen.

If that’s how you think a carefully orchestrated day-long procession gets organized and carried out, you are going to need a LOT more drinks. And a big ol’ wake up call.

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Weddings are complicated events, political even, with many moving pieces, and I could spend countless posts detailing the dos and don’ts. I likely will have lots more to share on the subject, especially seeing as my own wedding just took place!

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That’s right, I tied the knot. Got me a ball and chain (or am I now the ball and chain?)!

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Either way, my lovely man and I hosted our closest friends and family here in the Tampa Bay area and the whole experience reconfirmed one HUGE piece of advice that I do want to share.

Hire a Wedding Planner.

Why? I’m so glad you asked.

Reason #1: Believe it or not, a good wedding planner can save you money. 

That’s right, despite the math you might be running in your head, and the cries of “that’s just ridiculous!” you might want to shout, a wedding planner worth their salt will save you the bucks. How? Because they have the vendor connections and the leverage.

Your vendors are pretty much key puzzle pieces. They’re the reason your wedding will cost what it does and whether you choose to hire a wedding planner to help out or handle the whole shebang, they are the ones that can recommend reliable vendors in your price range and tell you if the contracts those vendors are sharing with you are reasonable. Let them get involved in vendor negotiations and they’ll likely remind those vendors of how much business they send their way and whittle that price down for you a bit.

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My dream of a planner sent stellar recommendations my way and then helped do away with some of the unnecessary fees to help get me in line with my budgets. Her great reputation also ensured some vendors gave a better rate than any I’d seen for various services.

The money they save you on those big, pricey vendors will likely break even with their fee. Voila, totally worth it.

Reason #2: They will save you time. Likely, loads of it.

No doubt, your cousin’s sister’s best friend’s brother has a DJ company that your friends might be telling you to check out. The truth is, researching every recommendation, friend, and Google review will take up a ridiculous amount of time. A wedding planner can negate all that hassle and do the research for you, or else, as I said before, provide you with a list of excellent, vetted options.

Vendors aside, do you realize how many details are included in a wedding.

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My planner provided me with sheet upon sheet of to-do’s alone when I first met her. However, a few meetings with her helped to weed out the things I could skip, and the bits I needed to focus on, saving me so many little irrelevant tasks (like floral setup – go figure).

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Reason #3: They provide a great unbiased, third-party opinion when asked.

No matter how many The Knot articles you read, there are so many options in a wedding and if you haven’t already heard, everyone (particularly family members) have an opinion on what YOU should be doing for your wedding. (Yes, comfort food can be absolutely appropriate for a wedding. Go for it!)

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You can get swept away in a spinning spiral of frustrations on what’s right and proper, but your wedding planner is an incredible resource for a third-party, expert opinion. They can tell you based on what YOU want and your vision for your wedding, what you could do.

It’s a small piece of clarity in what can at times me a whirlwind of decisions.

Reason #4: Your wedding planner is your back-up.

Even if you’re an expert juggler, you need someone to catch your balls. Your planner is your must-have back-up when it comes to your wedding. It’s not just about your sanity, though that’s also important, but rather an important system of checks and balances for event planning. With all of the moving pieces of a wedding, there needs to be someone else seeing the plan, checking the details, being visible with the vendors.

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Frequently a bridal party or even parents become the back-up for a wedding, but the more people involved in your wedding that have to start getting weighed down in details means more drama. And why create more stress for anyone?

Reason #5: You deserve to enjoy your Big Day without any stress or concerns.

Many wedding planners can be hired just for the day of your wedding. If for nothing else, consider bringing on a reliable wedding planner for this day. After all, what else has all the planning been for? So you can stress over last minute details, vendor check-ups, on-site problem solving (which happens at ever wedding), and tipping out of staff at the end of night? Forget it all.

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All you should worry about on your wedding day is enjoying it.

There’s inevitable drama that happens at a wedding involving mixed family and friends. It’s just a fact. The bride and groom will have to deal with that, but all those other pieces should be as far from your mind as possible. Be the main star! Just let go.

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I can’t remember having a single worry about the event (only that people would make it there) on my wedding day, because I knew everything was in good hands. That piece of mind was the greatest gift that my wedding planner gave us. And after the fact, it’s truly the only thing that really mattered in the whole process.

loved my wedding day and got to enjoy every single glorious minute of it.

You should too!

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  1. Victoria Yore

    Marriage is on the mind and this was a great read! Also saw you got married at sacred heart which is where I want to get married too 😉

    1. Shannon

      Thank you and congratulations, newlywed! The church is just beautiful, especially for weddings, isn’t it?

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