The Wedding Video Solution: Vlogging

With so many special moments to capture during your wedding, you may toss and turn, hem and hah over whether it’s worth stretching your budget further to include a videographer. The Mr. and I recently did the same, knowing how much we wanted to preserve this one day in time.

Thankfully we scored a killer photographer, which pretty much meant everything from our ceremony through our reception would be documented. We still wanted to be able to incorporate video somehow though.

Our solution? Vlogging.

What is vlogging, you ask? It’s blogging, but in video form. Somewhat like a casual documentary of your life, mostly from “selfie-perspective” where you hold the camera and talk to it, like you would a diary of sorts.

It’s really quite easy and, once you get accustomed to talking into a handheld camera, it’s a fun way to include other people!

How did we make vlogging our wedding video solution? As I’m a bit of a shutterbug, we have plenty of cameras around. So, N and I each took a camera for our wedding day.

As we went about our mornings separately with different groups of friends, we captured our days on the camera. For him, it more included him giving the camera over to a wonderfully obliging friend, who then took it upon herself to capture moments on video. She did a fantastic job just having fun with it (no professional experience needed).

For me, it included memorable “getting ready” moments, that while some may not think are great to get on film (ie. when I have no makeup on and my hair is set in rollers), they turned out to be some of the funniest bits to look back on and giggle at. Those were the true, fun, and silly times I want to remember with my close friends and family.

Though we opted to put the vlogging cameras down during the ceremony, we had friends take over for us during the reception, it was so heartwarming to see how brilliantly they rose to the occasion and captured some absolutely key moments (including a surprise performance that my now husband rolled out towards the end of the evening).

In the end, I edited the video together myself, which turned out to be more fun than any others I’d edited, because so much of footage was completely new to me! I loved that I had the chance to see not just what I had done the morning of our Big Day, but what N had gotten up to, and hearing our friends chime in with jokes was extra special.

True, we had a smaller, more casual wedding with our nearest and dearest, but vlogging turned out to be just what we hoped for in the end!

If you find yourself wondering whether to splurge on a videographer, give it some thought and consider whether it might be worthwhile to simply make the video element of your wedding a more personal documentary of your celebration through a vlog.

Who knows, it could be the beginning of many more life moments caught on video for you to look back on!