5 Gifts for Fitness Fans

As you’re checking your list of gifts off for various people this holiday season, you inevitably will find one or two people who you’ve yet to purchase anything for. Perhaps they’re picky – the person “who has everything” or wants or nothing.

And what on earth do you buy for the fit friend or family member who passes up on the cookies and extra helpings of breakfast strudel?

The homemade goodies packed with sugar might get a polite “gee thanks,” but you know they won’t really eat them (more likely they’ll be regifted). Rather than wishing for their unbelievable willpower in the face of so many temptations, however, get them something they’ll appreciate!

Rather than wishing for their unbelievable willpower in the face of so many distracting temptations around the holidays, get them something they’ll appreciate.

Here are FIVE suggestions for the fitness minded, as well as those regular people who just workout from time to time.

1.A Stylin’ Fitness Apparel Gift Card – Companies like Fabletics* offer styles that transition from workouts to relaxing to an afternoon on the town. (Plus, the prices are way easier on your wallet than some others.)

2. Cryo-therapy Session – Whether full body or just the face, you can give the gift of recovery to your fitness loving buddy. One franchise that has locations across the country is US Cryotherapy, and I can personally attest that their Tampa location is spot on.

(Don’t we look relaxed? The after effects are totally worth a few minutes of chill!)

3. Personal Training Sessions – Give the gift of expert motivation and butt-kicking training! No matter someone’s experience level, a personal trainer will be a great way to get some new moves into a workout routine, or perhaps spark a new skill set altogether. I’m partial to the knockout over at Elemental Training Tampa – but full disclosure, I am his biggest cheerleader anyways.

(Image from ET Tampa)

4. Face Wipes – Perfect for taking off the excess makeup before a post-work workout or clearing off that salty sweat layer after a killer gym session, soothing face wipes like the Yes to Cucumbers might be the handiest gift ever. They’re great stocking stuffers too!

And for the grand finale… are you ready?

5. Socks – (Not what you were expecting?) This could sound like the strangest gifts, but socks are one of the most important wardrobe necessities for almost all workouts. In fact, there are specific socks for most activities. Yoga? Yup. Barre? Of course. Crossfit? You betchya! Running? My goodness, YES! Almost anyone who works out will NEED socks – frequently. It’s absolutely the handiest gift (and probably most peoples’ least favorite item to get for themselves). Perfect gift.

Of course, most fitness fans will probably be bending their normal rules a bit this time of year, so a bag of home-baked cookies isn’t a complete shot in the dark. Just throw some protein powder in there.

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