My Favorite Moments of the Past Year (2016)

To say this post is overdue is quite the understatement.

We are after all a third of our way into 2017. However, last year was such a BIG year in so many ways, I just wanted to cap it off with a special tribute before diving into the even bigger adventures of 2017.

The last couple months of the year felt like 2016 turned right around and gave us all a sassy slap of reality that hinted at the old saying “you can’t always get what you want.”

Beloved celebrities can’t live forever.

Politics didn’t get any better during the last election (not that we truly expected them to).

Peace seemed to be an elusive t wish for people around the world after a year of unsettling/tragic events.

In all seriousness though, 2016 did hold some personal losses as well, that were kept private but were truly heartbreaking. Some, I still feel like I’m only just really recovering from.

However, there are amazing things that happened in that rollercoaster year. Sometimes, you need to a shine a light on the happy moments, cherished experiences and great accomplishments so as not to let the negative overshadow them.

So I’m doing just that with a roundup of my favorite moments of 2016. Here we go!

Saw two sets of friends get married and was able to travel some distance to celebrate with them!

Became a cohost of a new health and fitness podcast (more on that in a future post).

Took a dreamy mini-moon to Key West with my man.

Checked off a huge life goal by visiting two Hawaiian islands for a truly spectacular, not-to-be-soon-forgotten honeymoon.

And of course…

I married my Mr. and best friend, and spent a truly perfect weekend with friends and family!


So no matter the turbulence you run across this in a year, no matter the disappointments or dark moments, don’t forget tol look back at the obstacles you’ve overcome, goals you achieved and steps towards a brighter future, grateful for the opportunity!

You’re a sparkling masterpiece and don’t forget it.