A Fork in the Road

To say I became disillusioned a bit with blogging in the past year is a sad truth, but it’s honesty nonetheless.

After a whirlwind of excitement and adventures, some of which I have yet to even share here, I felt like the online world was becoming more of a business and less of a creative expression. Everything had to include a “brand” and had to fall within a specific category.

Throughout my life, I’ve rarely fit neatly into just one or two categories. Ask anyone who’s known me for 10+ years. I might wear many labels, but I exchange them daily as none perfectly define me.

I started blogging as a sort of correspondence with family and friends, then an outlet for creating new things I loved, as well as a place to document favorite moments and discoveries.

Somewhere, I guess I thought it needed to be more.

I’ve sat down to start writing so many times in the past six months, I have a log of unpublished drafts that I just couldn’t bring myself to publish.

Why? No idea. Fear? Writer’s block?

Nothing like life to add some perspective! Major life events allowed me the chance to evaluate those things that add to my own happiness and one of those things I realized I missed deeply was sharing things I love here on the blog. Creating new things that I was proud of filled a special place in me and I’ve longed to return to it.

What’s the purpose of this post then? I suppose it is a transition, an explanation for a long absence, and mostly a promise to myself that I’m putting out there into the universe.  A promise to try, a promise to create, a promise to fail if I need to.

What can you expect to see from me in the future?

More discoveries and adventures. Also perhaps a bit more me – which may be interesting or downright dull for some. We’ll see how it goes! I’m taking the restrictions off and may even experiment with some new things.

Like me, this blog won’t fit into one neat little category. I hope it gets real. I hope it gets messy. But mostly, I hope it continues to change just like my life.

Hope you’ll come along for the ride!

2 thoughts on “A Fork in the Road

  1. Debra Fournier

    I sure will! Congrats for not needing anyone or thing define you. You never have 🙂


    1. Shannon

      Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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